Premier Heating and Cooling Systems repairs and install all major brands of Air Conditioner’s and Furnace’s in the community of Dorchester, Ontario.

When you think about Heating and Cooling Systems, whether in your home or office, you want a system that runs efficiently during the changing seasons. You and your family can begin benefiting from only the best in home heating and cooling maintenance, repairs and installation to fight the chilling coldness of winter or the suffocating heat of the summer, with a professionally installed furnace and air-conditioner from Premier Heating and Cooling.

Whether you are considering buying a furnace or air-conditioning system for your home or doing a renovation , upgrading or repairing your old HVAC system Premier Heating and Cooling has you covered.

With years of experience in heating and cooling systems, we deliver innovative, cost-effective and reliable services. Our services includes full air-conditioner and furnace installation to repairs and maintenance. Our goal is to make your home or office a much a much comfortable place to stay.

At Premier Heating and Cooling, we don’t compromise quality and aim to give you professional service at a very reasonable price. Our technicians are experienced professionals who install and service all major brands of air-conditioning and furnaces. We have many years of diagnostic repair and installation experience that will assure you of only the best service. .

Premier Heating and Cooling provides service  to homes in Dorchester, Ontario area, but also to businesses, schools, churches and commercial buildings. We take pride in giving you a clear, honest quote, and ready answer to the questions you might have about Heating and Cooling System. Call us now for a free estimate at 519-245-5945.

Dorchester Furnace Repairs & Installation

Dorchester Air Conditioning Repairs & Installation

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